24 August 2014

Benefits of Planning, Experiencing and Remembering

All journeys are about planning, experiencing and remembering. We can have journeys of discovery and self-discovery without even leaving home.  We can experience journeys through time, by exploring history, by reflecting on life, by predicting future events, and by preparing for what may, quite possibly, happen.

If it beneficial to think about the happiest journeys we have planned, experienced and remembered, as well as the journeys that have been full of difficulties, and those somewhere in between.

09 April 2014

Real World Travel

To travel in the real world can mean becoming better acquainted with perspectives of life that we may not have considered or encountered before. 

Even so, it is now possible to discover more about our differences and similarities merely by travelling online. But do we really gain a full picture of humanity, and the world, that way?

I hope you will join me on at least one continual journey, whether online or elsewhere.

25 January 2014

Graceful, Attentive and Unobtrusive

The best service staff in the world are usually graceful, attentive and unobtrusive.  How easy or difficult is it for most people to acquire those qualities?  Where is the best place to learn?

Unless you are graceful, attentive and unobtrusive, I would not choose to employ you, or to select you from several other more suitable service providers. Whether you prefer to work in hospitality, health care, education, or some other setting, the qualities I seek are similar. 

Of course, you will have specialist knowledge in addition, and perhaps several years of relevant experience.  Yet it is necessary to be able to adapt easily to the workplace and community culture I enjoy developing, and which other people appear to value greatly.

If you are ever required to select someone for a job, and several candidates have similar knowledge and much the same relevant experience, what would matter most to you in making such an important decision?

To prevent unsuitable people from applying, I would find it much better to state beforehand that all job applicants are required to be graceful, attentive and unobtrusive at all times!

If you have knowledge and experience of hospitality, health care and/or higher education and you wish to work in Australia in a graceful, attentive but unobtrusive way, how can you prove to a potential employer that you have those qualities?