22 November 2017

For the Love of Curiosity

Do you prefer to explore other places, online and/or in the physical world, merely out of curiosity or as part of a plan or for other reasons?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why travel?

Have you ever had much curiosity about the inner world within you?

Have you ever taken the journey to inner peace for reasons of curiosity?

Have you ever been curious to discover a better way of life?

Are you currently searching for reality with some curiosity?

How are you sustaining the heart and art of living and writing, if not through curiosity?

I have long described my approach to life as optimumism.  I am often happiest when I am curious about something and want to find the answer.  That is why I have explored my family history.

Do you have curiosity about your ancestral scatterings, regardless of whether your forebears were buried or cremated or met their fate in other ways?

Probably depending on your own ancestry, you may or may not have much curiosity about internment in Australia during World War Two.

What has been your most recent journey through history?

Curiosity can lead us towards lucky or fateful encounters.

I have always tried to take a cautious approach to curiosity.  There are many parts of the world I would currently avoid.

It is hard to imagine my paternal grandfather, George in Aden during World War Two.  I have never imagined myself going to there.

For most of the past four years, I have not travelled far, mainly because I could not see very far.  I have been practically housebound for that reason, and for other health and personal reasons.

My eyesight problems meant I spent most of my time in front of a computer screen or book as that was about as far as I could see, even with thick glasses.  Then, a few months ago, I was fortunate enough to have cataract surgery.   For the first time in my life I now have 20/20 vision.

Yet I am no longer curious to see the world.  It is too exhausting to travel.  I have been everywhere I have ever wanted to go.  I can satisfy my curiosity online and in books.

But at least I managed a trip a few weeks ago to visit my relatives on the other side of the world.  It was thrilling to arrive at my mother's house.  My trip was a surprise for her.  I could also see the English countryside clearer than ever before, at least when there was no fog or rain.

03 March 2017

For the Love of Respectful Knowledge

Do you travel because you love to learn?

Do you conduct research because you love to learn?

For much of my life, I have perceived a great deal of difference between myself and most other people.  That has often included differences in values.

Usually, there has been nothing wrong with experiencing differences, especially on my continual journeys.  It is always good to learn.

Values are often far more enduring than whatever is enjoyed, experienced and appreciated at a particular moment.  Values are at the heart of a sense of community and a sense of identity.

How have you acquired knowledge of your values?

Do your values include expressions of love?

When I am reading or writing, I prefer quietness and solitude.  My acquisition of facts is mostly through documents.

I enjoy occasional opportunities for calm and peaceful interaction, whether in person or over the Internet.  I appreciate genuine affection though I avoid excessive displays of it.  I always prefer appreciation to be expressed through quiet thoughtfulness rather than overly demonstratively.

Do you think you know me?

Do you think I know you?

Do you have respect for my love of knowledge?

Do you prefer to develop relationships with people who are quiet, thoughtful, reflective, peaceful and intelligent, and who lead simple, helpful, honest and respectful lives?

Are we in a similar age cohort?
Do we have a similar point of view about privacy?
Do you tend to reflect on history in the same way as I do?

How do you prefer to gain knowledge of the past, present and future?

How do you gain first-hand knowledge of the world?

Where have you met the most courteous people in the world?

What does courtesy mean to you in relation to knowledge?

How are you developing and making progress on your continual journey?

Where is your real home?

And what do you truly value?

19 September 2016

Following Higher Values

A journey upwards, through higher values, can take life from the mundane, routine level towards something of greater long-term value.  It is an experience of deeper appreciation.

To follow anything or anyone is to be on a journey.  It is the same with being a leader, as long as some sort of plan exists.

How do you sustaining the heart and art of living? 

What are your higher values and what is your current plan? 

What are you following and who are you following and why are you following?

A social enterprise is, by definition, an activity involving higher values.  It is a continual journey of discovery and self discovery. It is never predatory, unlike activities more intently focused on the profit motive yet it sustains itself in a business-like way, by offering quality goods and/or quality services through some form of fair exchange.

How do you usually think about your journey through life?

What do you usually experience via works?

What do you usually experience via values?

What do you usually experience via hopes?

What do you usually experience via retreats?

What do you usually experience via peace?

What do you usually experience via society?

What do you usually experience via your sense of identity?

What do you usually experience via your family history?

With a clear idea of the difference between the acceptable and the unacceptable, it is easier to clear a path towards higher values. 

How do you know that you are leading quietly upwards?

How do you express optimumism?

How well are you living quietly, deeply, simply?

If you are in Australia, how would you compare Via's budget reply with your own each year, and why?

How is your life a process of reflection, serenity and illumination?

How do you usually approach a comfortable search for peace?

Who would you welcome aboard the fair ship Social Enterprise?

How do you usually approach philanthro possibilities and publishing?

When do you know it is the right time for moving onwards?

What do you believe to be the spice of life?

What do you believe to be the relationship between uncertainty, rejection and art?

What have you discovered via Via?

How have you been reflecting on time and places?

How have you been reflecting on your journeys?

What are the qualities of successful social entrepreneurs?

Who is the quiet entrepreneur?

What are the features of social entrepreneurial publishing?

What have been your reflective self discoveries?

How do you identify and approach knowledge, authenticity and creativity?

What are the main features of global prosperity?

What is your involvement in the environment industry?