28 January 2009

On the Sublime, the Superlative, and the Soggy

Travel is one of the biggest investments in life, whether it is for a holiday, business or migration. Some people travel to wage war. Some people travel to escape war. Many people travel each day just to reach their place of employment and earn a wage.

Do you travel further afield because you desire adventure or just a change in the weather?

Do you wonder why travel is often a challenge, even when all you may want to do is take it easy?

Have you met people who travel mainly in an attempt to impress those they regard as friends and/or competitors?

Do you travel to seek a better understanding of the world, beyond the media's distorting prism?

Do you travel to have a better understanding of humanity, or just to see interesting scenery?

Why travel?

Is it because travel puts the routines of life into a broader context?

Is it because it gives new perspectives on our own sense of identity?

Is it because the familiar is best appreciated when it has been absent for a while?

I travel mainly because life is far too short to allow it ever to become boring. Travelling is far more interesting and satisfying than being in a classroom, an office or slouched in front of a television.  I also like to escape unpleasant weather, but that is another story.

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