17 January 2009

Past, Present, Future

This blog is about all sorts of journeys, including journeys of self understanding. 

Where have you been?

You may have been to the sacred mountain near Viggiano or seen the sunset at Uluru.

You may know the migration stories of your ancestors and have retraced their steps.

You may have seen the view from the top of the Montello in the Veneto.

You may have seen the sunrise at the Taj Mahal. 

You may have bought a Baluchi (or Balochi) hat in Quetta.  

You may have eaten a falafal in Jerusalem. 

You may have tried to play panpipes in Cusco.

You may have found that the world seems different on your travels than it appears through a television screen. 

You may have been around the Wrekin, if you know where the Wrekin can be found, and what it means to go around it, literally or figuratively, or both.

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