02 February 2009

Adventures in the Land of Blog

What a fabulous time I am having during the heatwave here in southern Australia. I love being warm and dry.  We usually have low humidity here in the town of "Dorothea", but the temperature is rarely over 40 degrees centigrade.

Our house is usually less than 30 degrees, even without air conditioning. I don't enjoy temperatures lower than 20 degrees or the freezing blasts and roaring fans of air conditioners.

When the weather is so hot, what could be better than to travel online?

Why do so many people attempt to travel in very hot weather? Could the Land of Blog be the best place to be?

Travelling online

I started off on an adventure with four little blogs last month, taking them to the Land of Blog. Along the way, we met many other blogs and it was great fun. However, my sense of fun might not be the same as yours, as you may have already gathered.

I have been enjoying creating my public blogger profile, and nurturing my blogs.   I have especially been thinking about all of the interests my blogs and I might share with other travellers online.

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