01 February 2009

Many Like to Travel

There are rather a lot of bloggers out there who like to travel.

Real world travels

If you would like to know something about my travels, here is a brief summary:

I have travelled extensively, and not expensively, on every inhabited continent. My carbon footprint during those travels, and before and after them, has been reasonably low.

One of the reasons for my travels has been to see the world in a way that the television news ignores.  I had the hope that I could then understand our species and this planet from a much broader perspective than I had earlier acquired.


My accommodation experiences have ranged from a hammock slung between trees in the Amazon, an ex-London Transport double-decker bus in Iran, a hut in a rice paddy in Bali, a squalid five-star hotel room in Greece, various apartments in London and Paris and Rome, people's private homes in many places, and a converted windmill in Norfolk, England.


My transport experiences have been equally as diverse, from business class on world-class airlines (on an economy ticket), to a walking safari in the Okavango Delta after a very long trip by dugout canoe, to just about everything in between, including the back of a camel in Jordan, the back of an elephant in Jaipur, India and the back of an authoritarian horse in Ireland.


I am not particularly interested in hedonistic or ascetic pursuits, except as part of my anthropological investigations.  Oh, and I qualified as an international travel consultant (IATA/UFTAA) quite a long time ago but decided against working as an agent for anyone or anything. 

I am not very good at selling, especially to people who are unlikely to enjoy a particular trip.  I can only share what I love, with people who love it too.

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