26 April 2009

Life, Work and Travel

What does the word "work" mean to you and how does it relate to the word "travel"?

With so many people losing their "jobs", how should they respond, especially when the loss of an income disrupts their travel plans? Could the answer be to gain more skills, be more creative and develop a deeper understanding of what people really need and want?  Could it also involve becoming a better manager on a personal level, and being a better planner of the experience of living?

03 April 2009

Earth Hour Every Hour

Travelling can often use up a lot of non-renewable energy. I try to save energy in my daily life, which is why my home and work are powered by 100% solar. I can illuminate my life with a clean conscience!

I use public transport most of the time when I need to go anywhere, or I walk. Going further afield can make it more difficult to maintain a clear, green conscience, however.

On my Ancestors Within blog, I've made a few suggestions on how to keep travel to a minimum when in need of some nostalgia, or when researching a possible future trip.

The best way to save the planet, though, is to be peaceful. I'll explore this topic in more detail in my Quieter Living blog over the coming weeks.

How do you travel without damaging the planet in the process?