19 May 2009

Books about Journeys

Have you noticed that many famous stories are about journeys? How many of your favourite books are based on a journey of one sort or another?

I mainly read non-fiction as I mostly like to be informed about the real world. When it comes to fiction, my preference is for short, delightful, imaginative books about gentle people who have adventures and make discoveries.

Until recently, just before the link to Quieter Living on my blogger profile page, I included the following information about books that have inspired me:

...the first book I ever loved to read over and over again, The Story of Little Black Sambo, by Helen Bannerman. Perhaps that is why I grew up with a wish to visit exotic places, meet people of different cultures, and then learned along the way how to challenge assumptions, biases and prejudices. It might also be why I don't particularly enjoy the company of cats - especially very big ones with stripes.

Why do some books influence our lives in particular ways? Which books have inspired you to travel?

18 May 2009


Sometimes, I find a journey is no longer any fun because my motives change. I then think about how much worse it might have been if I had never set out on that journey in the first place.  Would I have ever known that my motivation would change? Would I have spent the rest of my life wishing I had started that journey and feeling that I had missed out on a rewarding experience?

How do you become motivated? What motivates you to set out on any sort of journey, whether in a career, on a holiday, in a relationship? Why is it important to feel motivated? Could some of the points I raise in my first paragraph apply to you?

Here is an article you might find interesting:

Students shown how to get a life

How do you motivate yourself?

16 May 2009

Telescopes, Microscopes and Public Buses

We can see worlds, beyond our own everyday one, on the largest scale and on the smallest, through telescopes and microscopes.  The images can seem fabulous, fantastic and phantasmagorical, but how should we explore human society?

My suggestion is to begin by travelling on public buses from time to time, at various times of the day, and through various neighbourhoods. A public bus is one of the most convenient ways to examine society, all over the world.

Public transport is a great way to experience an interesting and insightful perspective on humanity. I love seeing people of different ages and backgrounds all in one place, at least from time to time, when conditions are not too crowded or too noisy.

Fortunately, I am usually able to avoid rush hours.  You may not be so lucky.

And how do I usually travel around the town of Dorothea?  By lovely public bus - my favourite stretch limousine - of course!

14 May 2009

Musical Journeys

Have you ever experienced something musically interesting on your travels?  Could the same be experienced just by tuning to a different radio channel than your usual one?

YouTube is another way to experience the musically different, the musically challenging, and the musically challenged!

06 May 2009

The Journey Through Life

I enjoy expressing a few insights into my journey through life.

If you enjoy writing about your experiences of living, how do readers relate to your words?

Do you hope your writings will reach anywhere or anyone in particular?

Whose writings have a place in your heart and mind?

Whose journeys through life mean the most to you?