19 May 2009

Books about Journeys

Have you noticed that many famous stories are about journeys? How many of your favourite books are based on a journey of one sort or another?

I mainly read non-fiction as I mostly like to be informed about the real world. When it comes to fiction, my preference is for short, delightful, imaginative books about gentle people who have adventures and make discoveries.

Until recently, just before the link to Quieter Living on my blogger profile page, I included the following information about books that have inspired me:

...the first book I ever loved to read over and over again, The Story of Little Black Sambo, by Helen Bannerman. Perhaps that is why I grew up with a wish to visit exotic places, meet people of different cultures, and then learned along the way how to challenge assumptions, biases and prejudices. It might also be why I don't particularly enjoy the company of cats - especially very big ones with stripes.

Why do some books influence our lives in particular ways? Which books have inspired you to travel?

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