16 May 2009

Telescopes, Microscopes and Public Buses

We can see worlds, beyond our own everyday one, on the largest scale and on the smallest, through telescopes and microscopes.  The images can seem fabulous, fantastic and phantasmagorical, but how should we explore human society?

My suggestion is to begin by travelling on public buses from time to time, at various times of the day, and through various neighbourhoods. A public bus is one of the most convenient ways to examine society, all over the world.

Public transport is a great way to experience an interesting and insightful perspective on humanity. I love seeing people of different ages and backgrounds all in one place, at least from time to time, when conditions are not too crowded or too noisy.

Fortunately, I am usually able to avoid rush hours.  You may not be so lucky.

And how do I usually travel around the town of Dorothea?  By lovely public bus - my favourite stretch limousine - of course!

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