29 June 2009


As the end of another month approaches, and we also reach the middle of another year, it may be a good time to reflect upon the purpose of your journeys, whether continual or continuous.  Do you have a quest to fulfill?

Have you been able to identify the purpose of my own quest? What do I seek? Do you think I will find it? Would you like to join me along the way?

How far will I need to go from the town of Dorothea? Will I become homesick?  Are you aware of my Dorothea inspirations and what they mean?

My Country

What does home mean to you?  What is your purpose?  What is your quest?

28 June 2009

Via's Quest

Have you ever travelled on a quest?  Would you like to join me on one?

The journey is inexpensive but the visa is usually difficult to obtain.  You will need to be a true hero, whatever your gender or agenda.

In my last blog post, I mentioned a romantic journey. For me, journeys are usually more romantic if we hold fewer fixed expectations about them.

The bluebird of happiness may be familiar to you from stories of long ago. If we chase after happiness, we will find it fleeting. When it is with us, we do not recognise its value.

You may have seen the above picture before, on my Quieter Living blog. It was taken by my husband in the rose gardens at Werribee last November.

In popular terminology, it is probably quite romantic to wander around a rose garden with someone you love, with little blue wrens fluttering about.

If you think you may like to apply for a visa for the journey ahead, just let me know. You are also welcome to keep a safe distance, by being a romantic spectator on the sidelines, sitting somewhere comfortable and reading this blog!

16 June 2009

The Romance of Travel

Are you a romantic sort of a person?  What does romance mean to you?

Here is your chance to travel with an imaginary, mature fairy princess called Via as she takes you on a magical tour of beauty and wonderment. You will meet many interesting people on the way, including your very own imagined Prince or Princess Charming (if you have not done so already).

If you have already met the nearest thing to a real Prince or Princess Charming, how does that person cope with the mundane, everyday problems of life? And how do you cope together when your travel plans are put into disarray by something beyond your control?

Being courageous

The least attractive aspects of travel are often places such as bus stations, car hire offices, car parks, airports, busy highways, and train tracks through industrial areas. Trying to find a toilet is often an adventurous pursuit for the unwary.

Trying to find somewhere to sleep at short notice on a tight budget might be difficult, especially after nightfall. And even the most luxurious of hotel rooms can be the homes of bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rather big spiders.

It is courageous to step out of the pages of fantasy and into the real world. Your fairy princess might not be able to keep all of the really nasty problems out of the way, but don't worry just yet.

I hope you will even just enjoy exploring this blog.  Reading it might even be more of a pleasantly romantic journey that your experiences of life in the world around you.

10 June 2009

More Musical Adventures

You may have noticed that I have recently mentioned the composer Claude Debussy in my Quieter Living blog.  Now I want to explore more ideas about music.  There are so many discoveries we can make through it, especially about ourselves.

Two of my favourite pieces of music are Liebst du um Schönheit and Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen, by Gustav Mahler, a contemporary of Claude Debussy. I like bits of the music of both composers, but not all of it.

I especially like the two lieder (German art songs) mentioned in the previous paragraph because I can identify with them. Yet I require the right recordings - with the right singers. These songs would not have the same meaning for me in a "live" performance, or with a singer with a voice type that does not appeal to me. The experience, at least for me, is a private, emotional one.

There are many versions of these songs, some are on YouTube, but only a few can adequately touch my soul.

05 June 2009

Educational Journeys

Do you travel to learn? What is special about learning in a different environment than the one with which you have most familiarity?

Can we understand people by spending our lives in just one place, seeing the same faces every day? Do you learn best by examining what other people have learned over thousands of years?

How do you learn about people? Is it an interesting journey?

04 June 2009

Journeys Through Time

I make a journey every time I wake up, every time I go to sleep, every time I prepare a meal, every time I have an intelligent conversation, every time I open a book or listen to a piece of music or explore the world online. How about you?