10 June 2009

More Musical Adventures

You may have noticed that I have recently mentioned the composer Claude Debussy in my Quieter Living blog.  Now I want to explore more ideas about music.  There are so many discoveries we can make through it, especially about ourselves.

Two of my favourite pieces of music are Liebst du um Schönheit and Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen, by Gustav Mahler, a contemporary of Claude Debussy. I like bits of the music of both composers, but not all of it.

I especially like the two lieder (German art songs) mentioned in the previous paragraph because I can identify with them. Yet I require the right recordings - with the right singers. These songs would not have the same meaning for me in a "live" performance, or with a singer with a voice type that does not appeal to me. The experience, at least for me, is a private, emotional one.

There are many versions of these songs, some are on YouTube, but only a few can adequately touch my soul.

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