16 June 2009

The Romance of Travel

Are you a romantic sort of a person?  What does romance mean to you?

Here is your chance to travel with an imaginary, mature fairy princess called Via as she takes you on a magical tour of beauty and wonderment. You will meet many interesting people on the way, including your very own imagined Prince or Princess Charming (if you have not done so already).

If you have already met the nearest thing to a real Prince or Princess Charming, how does that person cope with the mundane, everyday problems of life? And how do you cope together when your travel plans are put into disarray by something beyond your control?

Being courageous

The least attractive aspects of travel are often places such as bus stations, car hire offices, car parks, airports, busy highways, and train tracks through industrial areas. Trying to find a toilet is often an adventurous pursuit for the unwary.

Trying to find somewhere to sleep at short notice on a tight budget might be difficult, especially after nightfall. And even the most luxurious of hotel rooms can be the homes of bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rather big spiders.

It is courageous to step out of the pages of fantasy and into the real world. Your fairy princess might not be able to keep all of the really nasty problems out of the way, but don't worry just yet.

I hope you will even just enjoy exploring this blog.  Reading it might even be more of a pleasantly romantic journey that your experiences of life in the world around you.

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