28 June 2009

Via's Quest

Have you ever travelled on a quest?  Would you like to join me on one?

The journey is inexpensive but the visa is usually difficult to obtain.  You will need to be a true hero, whatever your gender or agenda.

In my last blog post, I mentioned a romantic journey. For me, journeys are usually more romantic if we hold fewer fixed expectations about them.

The bluebird of happiness may be familiar to you from stories of long ago. If we chase after happiness, we will find it fleeting. When it is with us, we do not recognise its value.

You may have seen the above picture before, on my Quieter Living blog. It was taken by my husband in the rose gardens at Werribee last November.

In popular terminology, it is probably quite romantic to wander around a rose garden with someone you love, with little blue wrens fluttering about.

If you think you may like to apply for a visa for the journey ahead, just let me know. You are also welcome to keep a safe distance, by being a romantic spectator on the sidelines, sitting somewhere comfortable and reading this blog!

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