06 February 2010

Love, Loss, Life and Nostalgia

There are few experiences more unpleasant than unrequited love, except for the permanent loss of someone we truly know and love. I am not the sort of person to celebrate Valentine's Day.  It seems to me to have more to do with purchasing products than expressing genuine love.

Although we have been married for over twenty years now, my husband (the angel one) and I live life as if we are still on our honeymoon, every day. He cooked a lovely, very romantic lunch for the two of us today. It does not matter what the calendar says - every day is a day for genuine love.

Thinking about genuine love

Valentine's Day can be a very painful experience for many people, especially those who are single, feeling lonely and perhaps even have their birthday on that day. Have you ever tried to book a restaurant table for a family birthday gathering on 14 February?  Most tables on that day are reserved for (temporary or permanent) couples.

Is Valentine's Day a time of nostalgia for you, or a time for thinking about loss or love, or even loneliness?  Is it an important day in your family for something other than romance?  Do you ever travel in search of love?

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