15 May 2010

The Bigger Picture

One of the reasons to travel is to overcome feelings of parochialism and provincialism.  Even travelling within our own local region, interacting with people we would not normally meet, is a way to open our minds to different ways of living and thinking.

When I travel, I often feel overwhelmed by my own ignorance.

This blog post is called "The Bigger Picture" for a reason.

This blog is called "Continual Journeys" for a reason.

What are my reasons? Why am I writing this blog?

It is something I will leave for you to ponder.

How do you describe the bigger picture?

07 May 2010

The Origins of Art

Have you ever thought about the journeys of people whose travels were experienced long ago?  How did your prehistoric ancestors relate to life in the universe? How similar to our yown thoughts might theirs have been?

The best way to gain an insight into the thoughts of prehistoric people is probably through their art and artifacts:

When I look at the beautiful art and architecture of pre-literate cultures, I often wonder if we humans have advanced very far at all. Perhaps we have even gone backwards instead!