05 June 2010

The Spice of Life

Variety's the very spice of life, 
That gives it all its flavour.

William Cowper The Task 1785

I am quoting William Cowper today, instead of William Shakespeare. As with By Any Other Name, my Shakespearean-titled blog about identity, I will be taking a break from writing Continual Journeys for a while, the reason being that there is so much variety in my life at present and I really want a quieter life.

My writings will continue on Quieter Living and Ancestors Within. On all four of my blogs, your comments will still be truly welcome and appreciated. I would love to hear from you.

You may also wish to contact me by email: writetovia (AT) gmail.com for a more private form of correspondence. And if you have been following Continual Journeys or By Any Other Name, you may wish to do the same with one or both of the others to keep updated.

The spice of my life

My creative journeys are tremendously absorbing at present. My artistic projects and writing pursuits require far more hours each day than are available to me. My research continues apace. My mind is filled with ideas. Life is opening up new opportunities and it is difficult to make choices. So, join me on Quieter Living if you would like to know more.

Another reason for the title of today's blog post is that it relates to something I hope to write about in more detail on my Ancestors Within blog over the coming weeks, namely the role of spices in my own heritage. Do you know much about their role in yours?

My husband's heritage also has a connection with the spice trade, especially his and its association with the Venetian Republic. World trade had its basis in the spice trade for a very long time. It was the source of our now "globalized" existence.

Even if other activities have now overtaken spice at the centre of world trade, we are all affected by the financial and commercial activities of others, however indirectly. Perhaps if all businesses were run on the principles of social enterprise, we might not have any financial crises in the future.

Affording spices

I have been fortunate. The investment strategies of the angel one (my husband) and I always err on the side of caution. This probably places us as more trustworthy financial commentators than anyone whose wealth has been depleted over the past few years. Perhaps we are even more trustworthy than those financial experts who may still have far more wealth than I am ever likely to possess in my lifetime, even after their loses.

What are the "spices" in your life? Today, it is not expensive to buy most spices. What is rare and wonderful today and difficult to purchase without great wealth? In my view, many people in the "advanced" economies of the world live in more material comfort than even the richest Renaissance Merchant of Venice (A Shakespearean connection this time, not a Cowper one!).

So, with variety being the spice of my life, as long as it is achieved with caution, I know how I will approach to the future.

 Now I will switch off this computer for a while and have some quiet time in my debt-free, simple way.

I hope your various continual journeys will be wonderful.

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