06 October 2010

The Road to Recovery

Being healthy is often a prerequisite for travel, though some people travel to engage in some very unhealthy pursuits while others travel to seek medical assistance.  Travel can be dangerous, or it can be a route to safety.

I am currently travelling on the Road to Recovery. It is the most important journey I have scheduled at present, having been unable to plan anything more adventurous over the past year because of illness.

My good fortune is two-fold, however. Firstly, I did not suffer ill health during my extended research trip in Europe last year. Secondly, my recent surgery was a complete success and I am likely to be "back to normal" quite soon.

The services of a public hospital near my home have given me the chance to convalesce in my own surroundings, without going into debt. This certainly makes it easier to recuperate, especially after the psychological challenges and uncertainties of my recent condition and experiences.

There are quite a few similarities between travelling and being ill. In both, the idea of normality is frequently challenged, and both can be an unpredictable adventure.

The ability to recover both emotional equilibrium and physical homeostasis are to be appreciated and even celebrated. I have been given the opportunity to continue my journey through life in a relatively robust state of health, physically and financially. My convalescence is a time I hope to use wisely and well, however long the Road to Recovery may be.

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