13 November 2010

Finding Silence

Finding silence within ourselves can mean slowing down and taking the time just to be aware of being. This process can be a holiday itself. It can be part of a journey of self-discovery.

With the recent commemorations on Remembrance Day around the world, you may have taken part in a communal Moment of Silence. Such moments are usually a way to remember grief, loss and suffering.

While it is important to show respect through silence in such moments, it is also important to develop ways to show respect for the joy and beauty and wonderment of living, also through the use of silence.

I frequently explore the cultural aspects of sound, silence, peace, noise, quietness and calmness, though even that requires me to rest more deeply from time to time. It means that I sometimes take a break from writing this blog to devote my time to Quieter Living.

How, and where, do you find silence?