30 December 2010

Reflecting on Times and Places

Whenever a new year approaches, I know that I need to spend some more time reflecting on the one that is passing, and those that have gone before.  Do you have a similar need?

Perhaps you do not feel that such reflection is a need at all.  Why do we think differently on the subject?

The above questions are ones you may wish to answer in relation to my By Any Other Name blog.  How often do you pursue a respectful exploration of identity?

When reflecting on times and places, and even identities, have you ever thought about how much the world has changed since your grandparents were born - and about what has not changed?

Here are some years to compare (with the help of Wikipedia):

1906  1909  1910  1911  1915  2009  2010

My maternal grandparents were both born in 1906.  My paternal grandparents were born 1909 and 1915.  None of my grandparents will experience 2011.  And none of us alive today yet know if we will experience that year, either.  I hope you think of this fact in terms of facing reality rather than being pessimistic!

My maternal grandparents, Harry and Dorothy, were both born in 1906, the same year as the following:

In political and intellectual life:  A.J.P. Taylor, Hannah Arendt, Leonid Brezhnev

Louise Brooks

My paternal grandfather, George, was born in 1909, the same year as the following:

In political and intellectual life:  Isaiah Berlin, C. Northcote Parkinson, Andrei Gromyko, Simone Weil

My paternal grandmother, Vera, was born in 1915, the same year as the following:

In political and intellectual life: John Profumo, Augosto Pinochet, Yitzhak Shamir

Here are some of my earlier Continual Journeys blog posts that you may wish to think about:

Here are some more of my Continual Journeys blog posts to think about:

A great deal has happened in the world, and in my own life, since I started blogging at the beginning of 2009.  What has been happening in your life?  Have you been reflecting upon what has happened and how it may have changed your outlook on life itself?

You may have noticed that I am ending my second year of blogging with a very long blog post.  This itself is part of my process of reflection.  If you have visited any of my previous blog posts, you will probably have found them to be much shorter than this one.

Here are a few more to visit:

Perhaps you find that my blogs take you on a journey of self discovery.  If you believe you need a more conducive environment for such a journey to take place, how would you describe that environment, and where might it be found?  Could it be a retreat of some sort?

A few more of my blog posts:

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A retreat can be a place for abstractions, without distractions.  How do you relate to abstractions?  Have you looked up the word on Wikipedia?

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