02 January 2011

Australian Drought, Bushfire, Flood and Travel Plans

While conditions in Europe have been very cold in recent weeks, Australia, with its global reputation for sunshine at the seaside, has been experiencing its regular rural reality of natural disaster.

Avoiding natural disasters is a wise move in many circumstances, not just in the hope of avoiding human tragedies, but also because it is necessary to think about where our food usually grows, and how it reaches us.

Here are some Wikipedia articles with historical overviews of a few of Australia's natural disasters:

I am writing this at home on a pleasantly warm and sunny day.  It is unlikely that I will be directly affected by drought, bushfire or flood any time soon, but I have made plans just in case one of those events does happen.  What are your plans to avoid catastrophes in the months and years ahead?

Past disasters can teach us many lessons about ways to cope with future difficulties.  Here are some more Wikipedia links to think about if you are currently in Australia or plan to be here soon:

It is reasonable to want to live (or just travel on holiday to) somewhere safe, pleasant and reasonably predictable.  Many areas of Australia cannot be relied upon to provide that, in either a natural or social way.  This is especially the case if travelling around the country by road, including within large cities, even though Australia has one of the best road safety records in the world.

If you are not familiar with Australian road conditions and climatic conditions, do you have the information and other resources to plan for a good journey?

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