30 January 2011

Reflecting on Your Journeys

How do you go about reflecting on the journeys you have already taken, and those you hope to take in the future?  What is the purpose of your reflections?

Past, present, future

On the sublime, the superlative and the soggy

Many like to travel

Adventures in the land of Blog

How do your own experiences of travel compare with my own?  Have you mainly travelled as an independent person, or as a part of a tour group, or as someone with responsibility for dependents?What is your idea of a perfect holiday?  What is your idea of a perfect occasion?

The perfect afternoon tea

Understanding the world

Via the visitor

Do you usually find that travelling enriches your life in some way?  What is the main difference between your routine travels and your other journeys?

Life, work and travel

The journey through life

Telescopes, microscopes and public buses


Researching a future journey, especially a possibly different direction in life, has become so much easier with so much online information available to explore.  There are so many options!

Journeys through time

Educational journeys

More musical adventures

How do you enhance your cultural wealth, your cultural experiences, and your cultural awareness while exploring online?

Via's quest

The adventure of awareness

Objects of times past

Somewhere to sleep

Images of beauty

How do you enhance your social wealth?  In what ways are people important in your life?  Can you define the importance you have in the lives of other people?

Via's magic carpet

Successful journeys

Welcome aboard the fair ship Social Enterprise

On the go

What are the most important things you have learned on your journey through life?

Sacred mountains

Philanthro possibilities

Reflecting on the past

The search for meaning

Singing, dancing and travelling

The inner world

Remembering Icarus

You will probably have noticed that this blog post encourages your reflections about the idea of travelling. Have you met people who reflect on their travels in the same way as you do, or in the same way as I do?  How do your reflections differ from my own?

Moving onwards

The road to recovery

The journey to work

Well, I hope that these few reflections on my own experiences will assist you as you reflect on your own continual journeys.

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