18 January 2011

Packing Just a Few Articles

When you travel, are you the sort of person who wants to take everything with you, or can you manage with just a few items?

How much of what you take with you, regardless of the amount, ends up not being used during the time away?

What to pack is often a challenge.  What do we really need?  Will we leave enough room for the souvenirs we will probably accumulate?  What can be thrown away or given away as the journey progresses?  What do we want to keep as a reminder of our experiences?

My own packing style depends on the type of trip I am taking.  The questions I ask myself include:  What can easily and cheaply be bought when I arrive at my destination?  What should I take with me to make my time away more comfortable?  What am I unlikely to find easily there but will absolutely need to have with me?

Travelling light is an art, and one that can be learned through experience, especially after carrying heavy luggage at inconvenient moments.  But it is also necessary to think about other types of articles in our daily experience, especially things that have been written that may help us to reflect upon our journey through life.

Here are some examples of articles I think are suitable for the purposes of reflection:

1. From Wikipedia
About recreation

2. From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
About treating trauma - the risks of debriefing after disaster

3. From USA Today
About the role genetics plays in who we choose as friends

4. From The Telegraph, UK
About the pitfalls of social media

You will see that these are four very different articles.  You may like to look for something they have in common.  They all relate to aspects of our enjoyment of life.  Too much luggage can spoil our enjoyment of a journey, and so does not enough.  It is the same with information.  Too much becomes heavy clutter.  Not enough makes us feel needy.

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