21 February 2011

The Adventure of Self Control

Do you travel mainly to seek excitement or mainly to seek peace? Do you seek instant gratification by escaping now and paying later?

Do you travel to gain a better understanding of the world, or of yourself, or of the world as you believe other people experience it?

Do you save up for months or even years so that you can afford to travel without debts?  Do you prefer to take out a loan and then pay it off after your adventures are over?  Do your journeys, and your life, have anything to do with self control?

Wikipedia article about self control

Wikipedia article about deferred gratification

Social life is usually more peaceful when people have self control.  Our travels, and our relationships, can be easier if we are able to control our reactions to difficult situations so that we can respond in the most suitable way.

I have noticed that the people I prefer to be around, and to work with, usually have better levels of self control than I do, especially when faced with obstacles or unpleasantness.  I like to be around people who help me to think better, which usually means that they are also cheerful, helpful and willing to tolerate my impatience!

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