27 February 2011

Language Expeditions

On my travels, most of the trouble I have encountered has been due to confusions over language.  The same applies when I am at home, even though I live mainly amongst English speakers.  Do I make myself understood here at Continual Journeys?

I recently wrote, in this blog, on the topic of conversing.  In another of my blogs, called By Any Other Name, I have investigated ideas about language more deeply.  Here are some links there:

I have a habit of confusing words.  This includes mixing up exhibition and expedition from time to time.  I have visited a large number of exhibitions over the years, in many different places.  You may think of my blogs as being exhibitions of one sort or another.  You may even think that I am making an exhibition of myself in my attempts to write reasonably well here.

In my travels, I have been part of several expeditions.  Your explorations here may also be like experiencing an expedition, especially in the parts you find most difficult to comprehend.  The expeditions I have experienced have been of the cultural, inquisitive and exploratory kind, rather than the military, though I have explored military history from the safety and comfort of my living room.

Sometimes, expeditions are the source of future exhibitions, especially of some important objects of times past.

The primary purpose of my involvement in expeditions has been to gain an understanding of something I value, namely the sharing of discoveries that other people may subsequently find useful and interesting.  My continual journey into the art of expression and reflection through language may help me to share some of those discoveries with you.

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