25 March 2011

Benevolent Businesses

Although my dream is for every business in the world to be benevolent, the first step in this process is for each of us to know something about benevolence, and to put it into effect in our own lives.

Benevolence is associated with the concept of trust, a topic I mentioned earlier today on my By Any Other Name blog.

In business, as in politics, trust is a very important aspect of long-term success. In an ideal world, perhaps politics would also be a purely altruistic pursuit.  But a business can never be that way.  It is about mutual benefit, not just between a business owner and a customer.  Benevolence needs to exist between everyone involved in the many social, economic, ethical and cultural aspects of every business transaction we experience each day.

Do you know of a business 
exemplifying what I have in mind?

Do you run such a business yourself?

How does that business, wherever it may be in the world, relate to its place in history, and to its future benevolent purpose?  What are the principles it puts into action?  What are the standards it maintains?

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