02 November 2012

A Very Small Area of the World

Do you usually inhabit a very small area of the world?  Is it the area you know the best?

When I am writing, I mainly inhabit a corner of my living room, with brief excursions into the kitchen or bathroom as the need arises.  I rarely need to travel further than that, except when I am tired.  The bedroom is a little further along the hallway from the bathroom.

Much of my existence depends on the travels of others.  You may have travelled somewhere yourself recently, to provide a product or service to me, however indirectly.  I hope I am being of some service to you as I sit here.

01 November 2012

Registrations of Interest

In recent years, it has become very easy to copy out words and pictures, and even voices, and share them with others, without the author's permission.  Plagiarism distorts reputations, too.

Will you register an interest in supporting both the continuation of my writings and future access to them?

writetovia (AT) gmail.com

29 October 2012

Social Entrepreneurial Publishing

Publishing is about sharing some aspect of yourself with others, including people you may never have met.  Like the physical experience of travel, publishing always involves taking risks.

Publishing good literature is mainly a social enterprise in the 21st century.  Good literature benefits relationships, understanding and the quality of lives.  Yet how should the writer - and publisher - of good literature be suitably rewarded in the years ahead? 

15 August 2012

Meaningful Travel

Have you ever anticipated an exotic travel experience only to find that you are just one of the crowd on arrival?  If you want your journeys to be meaningful, I hope this blog will be of help.

01 August 2012

To Connect or Disconnect?

How "interconnected" with the world are you at present?  If you feel pressured to join digital "social" networks, or even "real world" clubs, groups, societies, associations, and various people's birthday parties, wedding celebrations and lunch gatherings, then it may be time for some disconnection.

Connecting with others can bring discontentment at times.  Disconnecting can bring contentment.

You may also feel pressured by sales people, trying to connect you with products and services they are attempting to sell.  It is possible that you also have a few unnecessary items cluttering up your life.  You may want to sell them, by connecting with other people as a way to disconnect from the items.

Connecting ecologically and economically may be more important to you than digital connections.  After all, the digital environment is merely a tool for creating a better world and is not the world itself.

09 June 2012

Successful Social Entrepreneurs

What does it mean to be a successful social entrepreneur?  What does such a person achieve?  How do they succeed?  Where do they start their journey on the path to success?

Shared interests

Why are shared interests an important part of our social identities? When I travel in the real world, whether locally or further afield, I like to meet people whose interests differ from mine. I find that no matter how many different interests people around the world may have, most of our needs are really the same, whoever we are and wherever we might be. Would you agree?

Creative explorations

Creativity, in its many guises, is always unpredictable.  As creativity is the essence of entrepreneurship, unlike the management of an established business, it is an exploration of unknown, and perhaps unknowable, territory.  It requires a sense of purpose, a determined pursuit of a mission, with clear objectives and a desire to achieve something no-one has succeeded in achieving before.

Successful journeys

To my mind, the quest for understanding can often be an interesting adventure, whether through books or the Internet, or while exploring the world empirically (which in scientific terms means to gain information through experience - it is not about building empires).

06 May 2012

Perfect Travel Plans and Some Arrangements to Follow

When you travel, do you have a plan to follow?  Perhaps you prefer to drift from place to place, but that in itself is a plan in its own way.  Does your journey usually have a destination, either geographically, intellectually, socially, economically, culturally or spiritually?

How much information do you need before you usually put a good travel plan together?  How much time does it take to put the plan together, do all the required research and make the necessary arrangements?  Is planning just as enjoyable as travelling?

Perhaps you find planning and travelling both to be stressful for much of the time.  Continual Journeys is part of how I can help your travels to be much more relaxing, inspiring and rewarding.


To "follow" Continual Journeys, or any of my four Via blogs (the others are listed in the right hand column of this blog), you may like to begin by pressing the "follow" link at the top left of your screen (if one is available).  Your choice to "follow" this blog, or not, will probably depend on whether you think my writings may help your travel plans.


It is easy to find information on a range of topics in each of my blogs. In the search box next to the "follow" link at the top of your screen, just type in a word about a subject you find interesting.   You might find that the topic has been covered in this blog quite differently than you have found elsewhere.

You will also find some listings down your screen of the many topics I explore here.  I've also provided a very useful link at the bottom of this Continual Journeys screen so that you can also easily search Wikipedia.


Do you have any questions about how to put a great travel plan together?  What advice will you follow?  Where will you explore?  How will you plan?

17 April 2012

On Retreat

I have written about retreats in several of my previous blog posts here and elsewhere, as well as on a page especially devoted to the topic.  At present, I am usually able to spend a few hours "on retreat" on a daily basis.

Gathering thoughts, organising words in written form, looking at works of art and old photographs, and giving full attention to the ordinary tasks of daily routines and to various expressions of creativity, need time.  Balancing a busy life with times of inner silence, complete rest, and possibly outer silence too, away from the chatter and clutter and intrusions of "normal" existence, are the essentials of my own preferred retreat.

04 March 2012

A Travel Blog About Many Different Types of Journeys

Continual Journeys is about the connections between times, places, minds and lives.  It is about many different types of journeys, experiences, reflections and discoveries.

For anyone new to Continual Journeys, perhaps the best place to start is at the beginning.  This travel blog began in January 2009.

How do your own journeys connect you more deeply to the past, present and future?

03 March 2012

Staying Home

Although I have often enjoyed travelling, I also like to stay home.

Perhaps experiencing a journey can help us to have a deeper appreciation of its starting point.

Do you ever reflect upon where, how and why your journeys begin?