06 May 2012

Perfect Travel Plans and Some Arrangements to Follow

When you travel, do you have a plan to follow?  Perhaps you prefer to drift from place to place, but that in itself is a plan in its own way.  Does your journey usually have a destination, either geographically, intellectually, socially, economically, culturally or spiritually?

How much information do you need before you usually put a good travel plan together?  How much time does it take to put the plan together, do all the required research and make the necessary arrangements?  Is planning just as enjoyable as travelling?

Perhaps you find planning and travelling both to be stressful for much of the time.  Continual Journeys is part of how I can help your travels to be much more relaxing, inspiring and rewarding.


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Do you have any questions about how to put a great travel plan together?  What advice will you follow?  Where will you explore?  How will you plan?

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