09 June 2012

Successful Social Entrepreneurs

What does it mean to be a successful social entrepreneur?  What does such a person achieve?  How do they succeed?  Where do they start their journey on the path to success?

Shared interests

Why are shared interests an important part of our social identities? When I travel in the real world, whether locally or further afield, I like to meet people whose interests differ from mine. I find that no matter how many different interests people around the world may have, most of our needs are really the same, whoever we are and wherever we might be. Would you agree?

Creative explorations

Creativity, in its many guises, is always unpredictable.  As creativity is the essence of entrepreneurship, unlike the management of an established business, it is an exploration of unknown, and perhaps unknowable, territory.  It requires a sense of purpose, a determined pursuit of a mission, with clear objectives and a desire to achieve something no-one has succeeded in achieving before.

Successful journeys

To my mind, the quest for understanding can often be an interesting adventure, whether through books or the Internet, or while exploring the world empirically (which in scientific terms means to gain information through experience - it is not about building empires).

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