01 August 2012

To Connect or Disconnect?

How "interconnected" with the world are you at present?  If you feel pressured to join digital "social" networks, or even "real world" clubs, groups, societies, associations, and various people's birthday parties, wedding celebrations and lunch gatherings, then it may be time for some disconnection.

Connecting with others can bring discontentment at times.  Disconnecting can bring contentment.

You may also feel pressured by sales people, trying to connect you with products and services they are attempting to sell.  It is possible that you also have a few unnecessary items cluttering up your life.  You may want to sell them, by connecting with other people as a way to disconnect from the items.

Connecting ecologically and economically may be more important to you than digital connections.  After all, the digital environment is merely a tool for creating a better world and is not the world itself.

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