02 November 2012

A Very Small Area of the World

Do you usually inhabit a very small area of the world?  Is it the area you know the best?

When I am writing, I mainly inhabit a corner of my living room, with brief excursions into the kitchen or bathroom as the need arises.  I rarely need to travel further than that, except when I am tired.  The bedroom is a little further along the hallway from the bathroom.

Much of my existence depends on the travels of others.  You may have travelled somewhere yourself recently, to provide a product or service to me, however indirectly.  I hope I am being of some service to you as I sit here.

01 November 2012

Registrations of Interest

In recent years, it has become very easy to copy out words and pictures, and even voices, and share them with others, without the author's permission.  Plagiarism distorts reputations, too.

Will you register an interest in supporting both the continuation of my writings and future access to them?

writetovia (AT) gmail.com