07 December 2013

Global Prosperity

The wealth gap within countries is trending towards being more of a global problem than the wealth gap between countries.  What can be done, then, to create a fairer world?

If you have travelled extensively on a low budget, as I have, you will know there are many aspects of the world that major policy makers rarely see.  I invite you to take a social media journey with me in 2014 to discover some peaceful ways to pursue and achieve global prosperity.

If you are not yet familiar with the environment of this journey, here are a few links to assist you in preparing for what is ahead:


I hope my own research and experiences might be useful and interesting to you on your journeys, within and beyond, especially if you consider yourself to be a social entrepreneur of some sort.  What does social entrepreneurship and social enterprise mean to you, and how are you applying them on your journey through life?

Anyone seeking to turn an entrepreneurial and/or creative idea into a social and personal success would be wise to examine the possibilities of social entrepreneurship.  Any type of enterprise involves taking - and managing - risks.  It is perhaps why there are so many online resources to assist (or misguide) writers and would-be entrepreneurs. 

Have you heard much at all about what other social entrepreneurs are doing in the world? 

Researching, planning for and reflecting upon global prosperity can help to bring about personal and communal peace.  It begins with the experiences of the inner world and workings of the mind, leading to understanding life in a deeper way.

You may know that  many years ago I worked in the television programme production industry in London. One of the offices in which I was employed involved the preservation and presentation of silent films, as well as making documentaries about those films. Yet silent films were never silent.

Silent films may not have had a recorded sound track but they had a very vocal and noisy production environment, which I think would have been far more interesting and enjoyable than the forced silence of film making since that time. Creativity sometimes requires the uninhibited expression of various sounds (in an appropriate environment).

Then there were the cinemas themselves. The audiences were often not much quieter than those at a pop concert or football match today. There were often live musicians playing tunes and instruments of varying quality and appropriateness, and with varying competence when trying to match the emotion on the screen with their own musical preferences. Such musicians often became unemployed when the sound era took off.

If you want to find out who in the world likes the same films as I do, here are a few links to assist you:

A few people in the film industry made a great deal of money in a very short time, but how has that helped the world?  Have any films ever truly assisted in the creation of global prosperity?

And what about music?  It is not easy to create prosperity in the world through music, although it is possible to become rich as a musician, even with little talent!  The most talented musicians rarely become wealthy.  The popularity of musicians often has more to do with their image rather than the sound they make.

Can you imagine the sound of one world?  A united world is one without extreme disparities between personal wealth.  It provides reliable incomes for everyone.  Can that be possible?  Will education help?

I love books, though I am not sure if they have helped me to gain prosperity.  I have developed skills and relationships to ensure my needs are met.  The acquisition of knowledge appears to be a by-product!

Would you be much better off by staying home, and even working from home if you do not do so already?  That is if you have a home at present, of course.  Have you ever had a musical journey?

You may like to stay home and read a book.  Here are a few I have enjoyed over the years:

World Book Encyclopedia, especially 1966 edition, Pears Cyclopaedia, encyclopedias, Small is Beautiful, E F Schumacher, dictionaries, atlases, recipe books, guide books, travel books, how-to books, second-hand, used books, old books, library books, history, archaeology, philosophy, biographies, biographies of philosophers, biographies of scientists, biographies of artists, biographies of classical musicians, autobiographies, memoirs, psychology, sociology, art books, and anything else that helps me to comprehend the formerly incomprehensible, Walden, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Spike Milligan Letters, Tao Te Ching, fairy tales, Gulliver's Travels, Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows, Alice in Wonderland, The King of the Golden River, The Delicious Plums of King Oscar the Bad, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Secret Garden, though I always prefer fact rather than fiction.

Do you have similar desires, achievements, needs, plans and values to my own?  

Life is a journey through time.   Discoveries, even musical ones, can be adventures.  What enriches your life?  What is the sound of one world?

Is money the only measure of prosperity?  It seems not to be the case.  Your life may be enriched through singing and dancing as much as travelling.  Many of us travel in search of the beautiful, whether it is natural beauty or cultural beauty. I hope you find many aspects of my blogs quite beautiful. What does beauty mean to you?

Does it require prosperity to reflect on times and places?  How do you reflect, on a personal level, on the direction life appears to be taking you?  How are your talents shaping themselves?  Where have your journeys taken you before?  What have you experienced along the way?

The process of reflection is something I explore quite frequently in my Quieter Living blog.  If wealthier people had quieter lives, would there be more prosperity for everyone?

Have you reflected on your own family history and prosperity in the past, or would you like to spend more time doing so in the years to come?  If your family history interests you, then you may enjoy visiting my Ancestors Within blog.  I try to provide a few helpful hints there on how to enrich the exploration of your own family's past.

What does social enterprise mean to you?  Is it likely to become your most important journey in the years ahead?  How does your understanding of social enterprise relate to your knowledge of history, nature, culture, and the workings of your mind?  How does it relate to global prosperity?

What I particularly enjoy creating through this blog is a meeting of minds that might perfectly match my developing professional interests as a social entrepreneur, and as a writer.  Are your interests - and values - similar to mine, and do you travel much?

Any form of entrepreneurship is a journey of sorts.  There is so much new information to absorb beforehand, and along the way, with the hope of reaching a destination reasonably safely.  Yet many businesses fail, like many excessively adventurous pursuits, even with quite thorough planning.

Social entrepreneurship involves journeys, quests, history, identity and peace.  It also involves risks.  Successful social entrepreneurs are never overly romantic in their pursuit or quest.  Enhancing understanding in a primary activity, and a goal in itself for many.

It is twenty five years since I last received an income from a "job". Even so, I have managed to do many things and have travelled widely in that time, using my time creatively and providing a variety of services that people have appeared to value.

If you would like to boost your entrepreneurial creativity, do you consider yourself to be on a continual journey?

Privacy is an especially important aspect of prosperity in the digital world of today.  It is why I write blogs mainly for research and philanthropic purposes rather than as direct ways to earn a living.  I am already prosperous enough.  I hope some of the ideas about global prosperity I have shared here will help other people to become prosperous enough, too.

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