04 November 2015

For the Love of Travel

If you have thought about the romance of travel, and even about your travels as a quest, and as a guest, you may have thought about love, loss, life and nostalgia in a variety of ways.

You may love travel in terms of sentimentality.  On the other hand, you may think it is often unreasonable to have a love of travel.

You may travel because of love.  You may travel as if someone now departed is always with you.

Your nostalgia may, alternatively, be related to homesickness.

Your love of travel may relate to your reflections on times and places.

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Exploring memories and experiences of life, through an intensively quiet and focused approach to living, can be very beneficial.  The pursuit may even contribute to global prosperity.

If you have a love of travel, you may or may not know when and why moving onwards is appropriate.