03 March 2017

For the Love of Respectful Knowledge

Do you travel because you love to learn?

Do you conduct research because you love to learn?

For much of my life, I have perceived a great deal of difference between myself and most other people.  That has often included differences in values.

Usually, there has been nothing wrong with experiencing differences, especially on my continual journeys.  It is always good to learn.

Values are often far more enduring than whatever is enjoyed, experienced and appreciated at a particular moment.  Values are at the heart of a sense of community and a sense of identity.

How have you acquired knowledge of your values?

Do your values include expressions of love?

When I am reading or writing, I prefer quietness and solitude.  My acquisition of facts is mostly through documents.

I enjoy occasional opportunities for calm and peaceful interaction, whether in person or over the Internet.  I appreciate genuine affection though I avoid excessive displays of it.  I always prefer appreciation to be expressed through quiet thoughtfulness rather than overly demonstratively.

Do you think you know me?

Do you think I know you?

Do you have respect for my love of knowledge?

Do you prefer to develop relationships with people who are quiet, thoughtful, reflective, peaceful and intelligent, and who lead simple, helpful, honest and respectful lives?

Are we in a similar age cohort?
Do we have a similar point of view about privacy?
Do you tend to reflect on history in the same way as I do?

How do you prefer to gain knowledge of the past, present and future?

How do you gain first-hand knowledge of the world?

Where have you met the most courteous people in the world?

What does courtesy mean to you in relation to knowledge?

How are you developing and making progress on your continual journey?

Where is your real home?

And what do you truly value?

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