Via Values

In my experience, friendships tend to last when people share similar values, rather than merely similar tastes and interests.  Have you found this to be true in your own life?

I prefer to devote my private time towards people who have more in common with me in terms of:


Cultural and aesthetic preferences 
Relationship to time

Psychological qualities

Intellectual abilities and interests


Tastes and interests often change more rapidly than values do.

I like to combine simple living and silent enjoyment.  I certainly do not wish to participate in traditions and other activities I find to be incompatible with my values. 

Have you read my Quieter Living blog?

You may like to interact through Quieter Living if you value many of the same things I do.

My values are such that I do not like to have doctrines, ideologies and dogmas pushed on me.  I do not like pushy behaviour at all, hence my distaste for most types of sales techniques, marketing and promotion.  That is probably why social entrepreneurship is something I value.

I am an intensively private person.  My privacy is something I value highly.  For this reason, I will not disclose very much about myself, or about the people I value, except on a relatively anonymous basis.

You are welcome to send an email to me if you genuinely respect my values, knowledge, research and time:

writetovia   (at)  gmail . com

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