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This blog is an exploration of all sorts of travels - within and beyond.  It includes journeys through time, journeys through space, and journeys through minds.

I would not want to travel long distances to and from a job or any other activity.  I would not want to have to seek medical treatment too far away.  I would not want to take long trips for basic shopping, or when trying to locate anything else necessary for existence.

Going on adventures of my own choosing is another matter entirely, though I have now been everywhere I have wished to experience outside Australia.  Most travels elsewhere now seem to me to be hard work. 

I would prefer just to write quietly now, without interruptions and distractions.  I like being able to read, reflect and write quietly at home, yet I also want the services I require to be within a five or ten minute walk. 

I love to retreat into my writings without having to travel far from home, mostly without having to travel anywhere at all.  I like being able to take the time to enjoy quieter living.

Have you found any of my writings to be of benefit to you?

People who appreciate what I have to say in my blogs often provide me with the motivation to continue writing.  Sharing ideas can provide the inspiration for further creativity.  New information can also take thoughts into surprising and interesting new directions.

My contact with your words and works may contribute something interesting to, and on, my continual journeys, just as I hope my words and works may make a valuable contribution to yours.

Via assistance

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