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I spend much of my life nowadays either writing about, reflecting upon or researching various aspects of life.  It is restful and relaxing to do so because I have the ability to live now without excessive commercial and financial pressures, and without too many time constraints.

For me, writing is not work.  Even the initial, exploratory research is not work.  It is an adventure.

Editing my writings is work.  Checking facts is work.  Checking my spelling and grammar is work.

Trying to avoid distractions is work.  Meeting my basic needs is often a distraction when I want to focus my attention on expressing my thoughts in writing.

Editing is about giving the reader a chance to explore ideas without distractions.

Work usually involves assisting others people to meet their needs.  I especially like to assist people who wish to explore and develop their own creativity.

To meet our own needs while meeting the needs of other people, and other forms of life, is a noble cause, as long as we do no harm along the way.  The most creative, peaceful and useful enterprises are those inspiring everyone to be creative, peaceful and useful.  Such enterprises are known as social enterprises.

Social Entrepreneurship - the 21st Century's Great, Continual Journey:

Do you know how to create a sustainable and socially beneficial enterprise?
Do you see social entrepreneurship as a journey?
Do you support social enterprises as a customer?

If you see yourself as a social entrepreneur in a creative pursuit, or would like to do so, I hope my four blogs may be useful sources of inspiration and information.

It is important, of course, to know the difference between writing and publishing.  Very little of anything, anywhere, is yet published as a social enterprise.  What have you found to be the qualities of successful social entrepreneurs?  Are you a philanthropist of some description?

How have my writings been of benefit to you on your continual journeys?  And how are you willing to help me meet my basic needs?

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