Via Hopes

I hope you will find essential information here about places and ideas you want to explore in the months and years ahead, both in the wider world and inside your own mind.  The links will, hopefully, take you further along the routes of your own continual journeys, rather than just mine. 

I also hope you have already found plenty of interesting ideas and opportunities to explore further through and beyond this blog.  If any of my blog posts, on any of my blogs, have been of help to you on your continual journeys, please let me know how and why, especially if you consider your values to be similar to my own.

My experiences of writing, including writing online, are part of many of my own continual journeys.  I even hope my blog posts will not be merely an ephemeral record of my encounters with the world but something of more permanence.

By taking a long-term view towards the usefulness of my own writings, to myself as well as to other people, both strangers and persons already known to me, I hope I write not just for today, but for tomorrow, and next year, the decades ahead and the centuries to come.

Are you trying to do the same?

Via assistance

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